In the Mind of a Master Named Amazon Bestseller!

Slim Spurling was an inventor, researcher, and internationally recognized dowser. He developed the Light-Life® Ring in 1991, which became the prototype of a cutting-edge tensor


technology. The science represented in the Light-Life® Technology is both ancient and modern. Quantum physics has shown us that ultimately everything is light and energy. In the newly-named Amazon bestseller, In the Mind of a Master (2012), author Susan Anderson and Slim Spurling discuss his extraordinary life story which ultimately led him to invent the Light-Life® Tools. This comprehensive book also includes never-before-published research reports and testimonials from around the world.

In the Mind of a Master details the applications of Slim’s Light-Life® Tools in developing a deeper connection to life and truth. It provides basic knowledge about some of the factors influencing personal health and wellness and presents the tools and their extensive applications. This has been demonstrated with the Light-Life® Tools in the energizing of food and water, cleaning of the environment, and the shift in consciousness. The book offers information about the shift mankind expects in 2012 and beyond. Slim Spurling’s Light-Life® Tools have been helpful to many people in:

  • Improving health
  • Raising conscious awareness to allow greater focus
  • Decreasing stress
  • Reducing the necessity for chemicals in the home
  • Calming severe weather
  • Cleaning the environment



Reading Samples from In the Mind of a Master:

Chapter 3: Geobiology and Earth Energies

Geobiology is the study of the influence of earth energies on all forms of life: man, animal, and plant. Normally silent and invisible, these energy fields are felt by many and affect lives in profound ways. With increasing amounts of distorted earth energies appearing on the local …

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Chapter 5: Dowsing – What Is It?

Dowsing is an art, which interfaces the unseen world with our energy body and can be thought of as our intuition communicating with us through dowsing tools.  Dowsing is as simple as asking and watching the dowsing instrument for the answer. The key to dowsing is …

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Chapter 6: What Are They Talking About? ~ Key Terms and Principles

Sacred Geometry. Everything in existence is a structured pattern of creation. This includes the physical, from the smallest particle of matter through to the largest most magnificent objects found in the universe, and all aspects in between, both living and non-living. In addition, it encompasses that which …

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Chapter 7: Energize Your Life with the Light-Life® Rings

I would like to begin with the discovery and development of the rings. These are very simple copper wire constructions. The active part of the ring is the open space. It’s the unseen energy field. Occasionally with proper lighting and certain angles, you can see with normal vision a …

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Chapter 8: Speed Up Your Healing Process ~ The Acu-Vac Coil

I just finally got tired of making rings one morning. I’d been up since 5 o’clock or so making rings. What else in the world can I do with a piece of wire? So I took a piece of 12-gauge wire, wrapped it on a piece …

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Chapter 9: Eliminate Disruptive Energies ~The Feedback Loop

The Feedback Loop is just a narrower coil, a smaller diameter coil, and we found that the energy flowing through the Feedback Loop is a higher velocity. If this standard sized coil has a flow like a garden hose, then this Feedback Loop would be more …

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*All text in gold is taken from lecture notes, recordings, and video of Slim Spurling, and are his direct quotes.



By Katharina Spurling-Kaffl


By Susan Anderson

PART I – Laying the Foundation
  •  Chapter 1  Meet the Master ~ An Autobiography of Slim Spurling
  •  Chapter 2  The Need to Heal
  •  Chapter 3  Geobiology and Earth Energies
  •  Chapter 4  Geopathic Stress Zones
  •  Chapter 5  Dowsing ~ What Is It?
PART II – Improve Your Daily Life with the Light-Life® Tools
  •  Chapter 6  What Are They Talking About? ~ Key Terms and Principles
  •  Chapter 7  Energize Your Life with The Light-Life® Rings
  •  Chapter 8  Speed Up Your Healing Process ~ The Acu-Vac Coil
  •  Chapter 9  Eliminate Disruptive Energies ~ The Feedback Loop
  •  Chapter 10  Clean Air and Water without Chemicals ~ The Harmonizer Family
  •  Chapter 11  Remove Pain without Needles or Medication ~ The Acupressure Tool
  •  Chapter 12  It’s All in Your Head! ~ The Nose Mask, Horse/Head/Face Mask, and Eye Mask
  •  Chapter 13  Increase Your Vibration on a Cellular Level ~ The Seed of Life and The Lotus Pendant
  •  Chapter 14  Let More Light In ~ The Beyond the Sky Ring
  •  Chapter 15  The Magic of the Venus Mirror Finger Rings
  •  Chapter 16  Beyond the Logical Mind ~ The New Dimension Ring
  •  Chapter 17  For Advanced Healers ~ The New Dimension Acu-Vac Coil
  •  Chapter 18  Simple Protection from EMF ~ The Phone Ring Set
  •  Chapter 19  Functional Art to Empower Your Life ~ The Light-Life® Jewelry
  •  Chapter 20  Support for 2012 and Beyond ~ The Empowerment Ring
PART III – A Toast to Slim Spurling
  •  Chapter 21  Slim Spurling’s Legacy ~ A World That Can Thrive
PART IV – Resources
  •  Appendix A  Light-Life® Ring Size & Dimension Chart; Crystal Ring Configuration
  •  Appendix B  Media Products
  •  Appendix C  Glossary
  •  Appendix D  References
  •  Acknowledgements
  •  Bibliography
  •  Index