Chapter 6: What Are They Talking About? ~ Key Terms and Principles

Sacred Geometry. Everything in existence is a structured pattern of creation. This includes the physical, from the smallest particle of matter through to the largest most magnificent objects found in the universe, and all aspects in between, both living and non-living. In addition, it encompasses that which exists on the other levels from the mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Embedded in each structured pattern is a unique energetic vibration or frequency signature. The manner in which all of these vibratory frequencies interact with one another displays the fundamental unity of the part to the whole.

These patterns that surround us everywhere, permeating everything, can be referred to as sacred geometry, the vehicle through which Spirit enters and assimilates into matter. By replicating and then applying the geometry found in nature and in the movements of the cosmos to what we create, we facilitate bringing together the resonance of harmonic frequencies existing between the heavens and earth. It is through this process we begin to understand, demonstrate, and experience how everything is connected, thus creating a bridge between the dimensional worlds.

In sacred geometry, it is the belief that patterns and numbers have a divine or sacred meaning. Included in this group are some of the traditional geometric forms such as the sine wave, the sphere, the Vesica Piscis, the torus, the golden ratio, and the five platonic solids. Throughout history, many mystical and spiritual practices, such as astrology, Feng Shui, and geomancy began with an underlying adherence to the principles of sacred geometry. Today, architects, designers, musicians, scientists, and inventors can be counted among those that frequently incorporate the study of sacred geometry into their work. Thus, it is from this field the foundation for the construction of the Light-Life® Technology lies in the utilization of the Sacred Cubit measurements.