When I last met Slim in October of 2005, he showed me and a friend of mine his shop where he made his wondrous Light-Life® Tools. I have had good experiences with his tools, especially the Acu-Vac Coil. It has positive health effects and seems to stimulate the pineal gland by eliciting vivid dreams when I put it underneath my pillow. Slim’s Light-Life® Tools produce a flow of subtle energies, a primordial form of force or energy, which must be primary to our known forces in physics, yet to be discovered by science.

Stephan Fuelling, Ph.D. Physicist

Slim in action was irresistible; to listen to him was spellbinding. I thought of him as Merlin, the Master of Energy. He introduced me to the quantum power of subtle energy and its role in my every moment. Working with his tools, I experienced miracle after miracle until I realized that was always Slim’s point. Life is a miracle that we have the power and obligation to utilize. He gives us the tools and the wisdom to live life as it was designed. The truth and simplicity of the universe unfold in these pages as a guide to each of us, encouraging, loving, and like Slim, always fun.

 Tana Blackmore, Founder of Sacred Ground International

As a friend and colleague of Slim Spurling’s, I know his passion was to work toward healing Planet Earth and every living thing on it. His Light-Life® Technology and techniques work! Susan Anderson enlightens us with both previously unwritten about and advanced technologies. A “must read” for those who wish to join in the healing of our planet and for your own enlightenment.

Judy Lavine, Medical Intuitive, Healer, Shaman

The moment I was exposed to Slim Spurling’s Light-Life® Harmonizers, I signed up for a workshop with Katharina Spurling-Kaffl, knowing I would ask a group of people to come on board to clean the air in Albany, New York. As a body worker and distributor of these magnificent tools, I have had the privilege of seeing everything from faster recovery from broken bones, inflammations, cuts, and burns ~ to people, including myself, making sweeping life changes. The tools support growth and change. I take them wherever I go, and the applications for their use continue to unfold.

Virginia Houck, LMT