About Slim

Slim Spurling: A Master Teacher

Slim was an inventor, researcher, and internationally recognized dowser. He also was a master teacher who touched so many lives. Teachers come into and fade away from our lives continually, leaving their marks behind like fingerprints on a piece of glass. Often this is done without a true awareness of the impact they had on us. Some teachers tell us what it is that we need to learn. Others go a step beyond and explain why it is we need to learn. The good teacher does all of this, then demonstrates how we can achieve what it is we are looking for. Slim is that kind of teacher.

The truly great teacher, the master teacher, is the one who completes those steps by inspiring us – inspiring us to achieve; inspiring us to nurture the seedling of potential as it is waiting to emerge; inspiring us to wake up to the limitless possibilities that lay dormant below the surface; inspiring us to mold our learning so that it fits us as an individual rather than trying to create an exact copy of the message we have been presented; inspiring us to reach deep inside, to find that heartfelt song so unique to us that only we can share it with another. Slim is that kind of teacher.

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