Chapter 7: Energize Your Life with the Light-Life® Rings

I would like to begin with the discovery and development of the rings. These are very simple copper wire constructions. The active part of the ring is the open space. It’s the unseen energy field. Occasionally with proper lighting and certain angles, you can see with normal vision a very thin sort of shimmering energy field in here that appears to reflect light or to generate light. We have ample evidence, both photographic and personal observations, of this energy field. This is called a tensor. The tensor is a term from quantum physics, so we’re dealing with some sort of quantum effect, some kind of an application of quantum physics to everyday life.

  • We have several reports that stiff wrists and shoulders relaxed and pain disappeared in a few hours with a Sacred Cubit Ring around the offending area.
  • Numerous people have reported that certain types of headaches were gone in a few minutes wearing a 1 Sacred Cubit Ring on the head.
  • Passing a 3½ Sacred or Lost Cubit Ring around the body, top to bottom, several times is very energizing first thing in the morning or when tired later in the day.
  • A ½ Sacred Cubit Ring placed over an area of pain, irritation, or achiness helps to relieve the discomfort.
  • Keep a ½ Sacred Cubit Ring in your pocket so it can be used at any time to treat a beverage. My husband always has one with him, and if he stops to get a drink at the local pub, he treats his beer by placing the ½ Sacred Cubit Ring around the glass. The bartender refers to it as “bar jewelry.”