Chapter 5: Dowsing – What Is It?

Dowsing is an art, which interfaces the unseen world with our energy body and can be thought of as our intuition communicating with us through dowsing tools.  Dowsing is as simple as asking and watching the dowsing instrument for the answer. The key to dowsing is to ask clear questions with a clear intention.

Dowsing is easy to do and easy to learn. Women tend to learn it more quickly and can be better at it than men, but anyone can learn it. Even a child can do it. Almost anything can be used to dowse. Many old-time dowsers dowse with the branches from certain trees, such as willow, apple, or ash, and others use a pendulum. You can also dowse just using your body! As you become more tuned in, you will “feel” the answers. Many people start with a pendulum or “L” rods or even a willow branch. Most people will have a preference, finding it easier to work with one or another.  What you use to dowse is less important than having a clear intention. Even if you already know how to dowse with a pendulum, it is helpful to learn dowsing with “L” rods, as they work well in helping identify geopathic stress lines and verifying the direction of the flow of the lines.